21 March 2012

Some help for a Guardian reader.

As the Three Little Piggies advertising campaign has recently confirmed, the Guardian has pretty much all but given up on print, journalism and news, and is moving to pixels, crowdsourcing and opinion. It's a business model that will basically see it become a mirror image of the Daily Mail for the Pretend Left.

But are those to whom the Guardian now looks for its content up to the job?
That lavish lifestyle

Those Swiss bank accounts (and the rest of the Castros' fortunes)

OK. The yacht stuff seems to have only a KGB-linked Soviet journo to corroborate it.

But still, under "Open Journalism", it's no longer up to the Guardian to find "definitive evidence", is it? It's up to people like Dr Lafferty, isn't it? And people like Dr Lafferty would never let their prejudices get in the way of good research, would they?