10 January 2011

Have you seen this man?

Christopher Huhne - known to his friends as "Chris" - of Cowley Street, London, SW1, went missing late last year. He had recently returned from a trip to Mexico for a conference believed to be connected with his job as Secretary Of State for Energy & Climate Change.

Christopher "Chris" Huhne MP
Police have noted reports of a sighting in Oldham East over the weekend but stressed that they remain unconfirmed.
Mr Huhne, 56, was last seen wandering around the Chamber of the House of Commons on 16 December 2011, muttering to himself about "emmission reductions pledges" and a "framework for REDD plus".

Friends of the MP for Eastleigh (majority 3864) remain mystified as to why he is so unwilling to be associated with either current campaigns of the Liberal Democrats (polling nationally at 10%); or with Nick Clegg (personal approval rating of -30), who beat Chris for the Party leadership in 2007 by 1.2% of the vote.
His partner said: "Chris, if you're reading this: please come home. I bought you a copy of the 'Liberal Democrat Leadership Election Rules' for Christmas, with the bit about how an election is trigerred pre-highlighted. It's waiting here still wrapped, when you're ready."

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